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About Power For Life

Power For Life is a Stourport based Fitness Studio set up and run by Sarah Tustain, a Level 3 Mat Pilates instructor, Power Plate instructor, Personal Trainer & KO8 instructor.

Sarah can teach any of the above (in small groups or privately), or combine different elements of each into Personal Training one to one sessions.

All exercises in groups can be modified or progressed, to provide either a gentle strength training programme or a more challenging workout.


Classes are offered at different ability levels.

Sarah's qualifications are: BAHons, PGCE (education), Hdip SAL (Pilates), CPT (Personal Trainer) & CPPT (Powerplates)


About Sarah Tustain

Before training to become a fitness instructor, I worked as a professional cellist, a career that I loved. I unfortunately developed problems with my wrist, shoulder and back that eventually led to my being unable to play. The silver lining is that these issues brought me initially to Power Plate exercise, then on to Pilates. Using both of these methods of training, I have now rehabilitated my body to the point where not only can I play the cello again but I am strong enough to do Pole Atheletics.

My passion is working with fitness enthusiasts to increase their strength and stamina in order to enhance their performance and prevent injury.

Collection of photos from various classes

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